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UPDATE: Please download the most updated information on the accreditation process.

If your office is interested in becoming accredited, would like a list of our current standards, or have questions on how to begin the process contact the IAC&ME Secretary:

John Fudenberg
1704 Pinto Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 455-3385

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can download the application in pdf format.

The IAC&ME now offers accreditation for offices of all sizes. This certification process provides coroner and medical examiner offices the opportunity to self assess and subsequently have auditors, trained by the association, to review applicable standards.

The procedure allows coroner and medical examiner offices to ensure they are conducting business practices and procedures in compliance with international standards.


Once an office commits to this level of professionalism there are several steps that must be followed to complete accreditation.

*NOTE:  The current fee structure applies to the Accreditation process as well as the Re-Accreditation process.


Population <100,000                   Class I   $1500 

Population 100,001-500,000         Class II  $2500

Population >500,001                   Class III $3500


Onsite visit: Organization that operates a morgue facility are required to have an onsite review by two auditors.

All transportation, meal per diem, lodging and associated incidentals are the responsibility of the agency to be audited. The association will make all travel arrangements in an economical, practical and appropriate manner and will invoice the agency.


As part of our newly adopted standards, we offer an electronic self-assessment checkllist to IAC&ME members.  If you would like review the standards and/or take the self-assessment, please visit us at http://iacme.orainc.com



Upon completion of the review of all documents and onsite inspection (except virtual), the agency will be advised by the Senior Team Auditor or Audit Chairman (virtual audit) if the agency meets the IAC&ME established standards.

Actual certification will be granted by the IAC&ME Board Approval at one of two meetings, either the general membership meeting in June or at the mid-year board meeting in January.


Accreditation is granted for five years. Agencies must maintain the records of accreditation for the full length of the accreditation.

Annual Accreditation Maintenance Fees will be effective the (4) four years following successful accreditation.  Re-Accreditation fees will be charged on the (5th) fifth year.

Failure to pay the Maintenance Fee will result in suspension of accreditation until fees are current.


Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner (Las Vegas, Nevada)
June 2005

Lehigh County Coroner’s Office (Pennsylvania)
June 2006

Ada County Coroner’s Office (Boise, ID)
June 2006

Summit County Office of the Coroner (Colorado)
June 2007

Twin Falls County Coroner’s Office (Twin Falls, Idaho)
June 2008

Twiggs County Coroner's Office (Jeffersonville, GA)
June 2011

Lancaster County Coroner's Office (Lancaster, PA)
June 2011

Lexington County Coroner's Office (Lexington, SC)
April 2012

Cowlitz County Coroner's Office (Longview, WA)
April 2012

Lewis County Coroner's Office (Chehalis, WA)
April 2012

Cambria County Coroner's Office (Johnstown, PA)
April 2012

Ramsey County, Office of the Medical Examiner (St. Paul, MN)
May 2012

Rock County Coroner's Office (Janesville, WI)
August 2012

Natrona County Coroner's Office (Caspery, WY)
February 2013

Indiana County Coroner's Office (Indiana, PA)
April 2013

Grant County Coroner's Office (Moses Lake, WA)
May 2013

County of Adams Coroner's Office (Gettysburg, PA)
May 2013

Richland County Coroner's Office (Columbia, SC)
June 2013

Kane County Coroner's Office (Geneva, IL)
July 2014

Ross County Coroner's Office  (Chillicothe, OH)
October 2014

Charleston County Coroner's Office (N. Charleston, SC)
January 2015

York County Coroner's Office (Rock Hill, SC)
January 2015

Greenwood County Coroner's Office (Greenwood, SC)
March 2015

Park County Coroner's Office (Fairplay, CO)
July 2015

Kitsap County Coroner's Office (Bremerton, WA)
December 2015


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