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Code of Ethics
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Code of Ethics

The IACME Code of Ethics can be viewed here in PDF format.

International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners



All Members of the International Association of Coroners Medical Examiners (IACME) are enfranchised with a position of trust with the citizens within their jurisdiction and as international industry leaders.  This code provides guidelines to maintain the integrity and confidence of each office.  Every Member of the IACME should adhere to said guidelines, whether they serve as an elected, appointed or those in related scientific fields who perform medicolegal death investigation duties for their respective jurisdictions.

1. The Member shall not conduct themselves in any manner which may bring their profession into disrepute or affect public confidence.

2. The Member shall perform their duties without, prejudice or partiality towards any person or institution.

3. The Member shall be ever mindful they are performing a public duty and their actions and decisions affect the public interest as well as the interest of private individuals, and shall proceed in the public interest to carry out diligently and as rapidly as possible the duties and responsibilities as required by law.

4. The Member shall accept their responsibility towards society in relation to matters of public health, public safety, medical science, research, education and legislation affecting the health and well-being of the local community (and humanity – nationwide/international).

5. The Member shall not, in the discharge of their duties; make decisions beyond the scope of their personal expertise and knowledge but shall seek guidance from the appropriate source or sources.

6. The Member shall assist law enforcement agencies, and all officials involved in the administration of justice (including both prosecution and defense) in the discharge of their duties within the bounds set by the laws affecting the discharge of their duties.

7. The Member shall disqualify themselves from acting at an investigation or inquest where any actual conflict of interest appears to exist.

8. The Member shall respect the confidentiality of any information received in the performance of their duties as per state/local law.

9. The Member shall respect the religious views of the deceased and their family in regard to autopsy examination unless said examination is necessary to prove or disprove criminal negligence on the part of an individual or institution, within the bounds of the law or regulations.

10. The Member shall assure the family of the deceased free choice of funeral establishment or other means of disposition of the remains.

11. The Member, in the delegation of their investigative powers to another individual as representative, shall insure the individual so authorized is knowledgeable of the laws concerning the Medicolegal Death Investigations and of this Code of Ethics

12. The Member shall not interfere in an investigation or inquest which has been undertaken by a Coroner/Medical Examiner in another jurisdiction and will not initiate an investigation or inquest in another jurisdiction unless directed to do so by appropriate authority.

13. The Member, presiding at an inquest, shall exercise their duties and responsibilities as defined by the laws or statutes of that jurisdiction and shall assist the jury to return a fair, impartial and proper verdict based on the evidence.

14. The Member shall not act in a manner designed to or having the effect of publicizing or enhancing their private business interests (e.g. medical practice, funeral establishment) or other personal endeavor within the community.

15. The Member shall refrain from serving as the personal representative of a decedent’s estate of which they have jurisdiction.

16. The Member shall strive to increase in knowledge of matters pertinent to the proper and effective performance of their duties and where possible shall attend regular educational training programs conducted by Coroners or reputable organizations and individuals, as continuing education may require.

17. The Member shall avoid making any comments concerning morality or the conduct of the decedent in an investigation.

18. The Member shall not release the names of the deceased individuals until such times as the families of the deceased have legally been notified or, if such efforts failed, the release is made to locate Next of Kin.


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