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Accreditation Fee Breakdown
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IACME Accreditation Fees

Accreditation Application Fees:

Office Size                                             Fees                   

Population <100,000                       Class I - $2000                                               

Population 100,000-500,000         Class II - $3000                                             

Population >500,001                       Class III - $4000                                             

Additional Costs:

There is a required onsite visit by two auditors.  All transportation, meal per diem, lodging, associated incidentals, and all accessibility needs are the responsibility of the agency to be audited.  IACME will make all travel arrangements in an economical, practical, and appropriate manner, which will include refundable airline tickets, and will invoice the agency.



Maintenance of Records:

Accreditation is granted for five (5) years.  Agencies must maintain the records of accreditation for the full length of the accreditation.

Annual accreditation maintenance fees will be effective the four (4) years following the successful accreditation.  Re-accreditation fees will be charged on the fifth (5th) year.

Failure to pay the maintenance fee will result in suspension of accreditation until fees are current.

Annual Maintenance Fees:

Office Size                                     Current Fees                                     Fees Starting January 1, 2020

Population <100,000                       Class I - $250                                                  $300

Population 100,000-500,000         Class II - $500                                                 $600

Population >500,001                       Class III - $1500                                              $1200



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